editorial support for music publishers & composers

copy editing

sales publications

For-sale publications are held to a higher standard. In order to be respectable, they must be impeccable. A thorough verification of the rules that govern artful music engraving is an essential step in achieving that goal. Copy editing services include verification of :

— contextual consistency of dynamics and phrasing

— errors in musical grammar

— engraving issues such as stem direction, slur/tie usage, cross-staff beaming

cautionary accidentals

— stylistic consistency of notation and layout from start to finish

performance materials

Now that composers are engraving their scores themselves, publishers and performance artists are often faced with materials that are substandard with regards to readability and consistency. This leads to wasted rehearsal time, frustrated musicians and performances that are much less powerful than they should have been. Furnishing properly edited materials is the best way to ensure a successful performance.

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