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staff sizes

The following chart will give you an appropriate range of staff sizes for various types of scores.

The ideal size for the score or part at hand will depend on page size and musical density. Also note that while winds and brass can handle parts on the low end of the spectrum, it is better to use a slightly larger staff size for strings.

It is also noteworthy that publishers in the United States tend to require larger staff sizes than their European counterparts. 

keyboard music, songs, solo instrument       6 mm    double-sided arrow   7.5 mm  
non-performing instruments    75% of piano staff
orchestral scores     3 mm   double-sided arrow 5 mm
parts     7 mm   double-sided arrow 8 mm
choral music     5 mm   double-sided arrow 6 mm
chamber music (non-playing scores)     4.8 mm   double-sided arrow   5.5 mm  

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