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part extraction

Thoughtfully laid out parts are essential to a successful performance but part extraction can be tediously time-consuming for composers. If you are a composer, your time is probably better spent actually composing than dealing with cues, page turns and other post-extraction issues such as collisions and wandering tuplet brackets.

As for publishers—who receive an increasing number of in digital scores from their composers— the large number of projects being managed at any given time can sometimes make part preparation challenging. Especially given that in most cases turnaround time is limited.

Just let me know what size paper the parts will be printed on, when you need them and if there is a particular style guide to be applied. I'll then take your Sibelius or Finale file and provide print-ready performance materials accordingly.

An additional pre-extraction score cleanup service is also available and highly recommended for scores engraved by anyone other than an experienced, professional engraver.

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