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slurs vs. ties

All musicians know that slurs and ties have different functions. However, some are not necessarily aware that they are also positioned differently.

The beginning and end points of a slur should appear above the first and last noteheads in the group and be horizontally centered on them, like this:


The endpoints of a tie, however, are placed between the noteheads, like this:



slurs vs. ties

If your slurs and ties have been input properly as such there are usually no issues with the horizontal endpoint positions of the slurs. However, a bit of option tweaking is sometimes required to get ties to position themselves correctly.

If, in FINALE, your ties start and end above the noteheads go to Document options > Ties > Placement and deselect "Use Outer Placement". Then change the Horizontal Start setting to -5 EVPUs and the Horizontal End setting to 5 EVPUs.

If this phenomenon occurs in SIBELIUS, go to Appearance > Engraving Rules > Ties 2 > Ties Between Notes and ensure that the "spaces before/after noteheads" value is greater than 0. A setting of 0.19 space (the default in version 7.1.3) usually works well.

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